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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Announcement from All Burma Democratic Front


This is the announcement from All Burma Democratic Front General Strike Committee (N.B. Not so sure this is organization official name in English, I just make a translation from Burmese Name .. remarks Bay Dah)

All Burma Democratic Front General Strike Committee

18 March 2008


1. We only recognize the members of Parliament who were elected in 1990 General Election.

2. We against the announcement of (a) Article 5/96 (Published in 1996), (b) Articles : 1/2008, 2/2008, 3/2008 (Published in2008)by the Military Junta Na-Ah-Pha.

3. We support the proposal of UN and the International countries for the Tripartite Meeting as wish by the General Public of Burma for the Peace and Stability in the Country.

4. We the General Public want the Army should be represent to the General Public of Burma and not for the usage of small group of people.

5. We unitedly decided that we will join with the General Public together with the soldiers from the Army to confront, resit and oppose against the unfair National Referendum which was written against the Public wish.

6. As long as our demands which are mentioned here are not met, we will join the General Public and continue carrying out General Strike Peacefully.

All Burma Democratic Front General Strike Committee

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