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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Freedom for Walk Update (23 March 2008)


Latest Information: They are about 20 miles past Boise now

Walk for Freedom Campaign:( Support comes from all over the world)

I am a friend of Edith M. in Portland–if you get to Boise please send me an email–you can stay here–or with my son at his house–and please have Sunday dinner with us (March 23d). We want to help out!

Jo March 22, 2008

Hello Dear Ko Athein and Zaw Min Htwe,
I really appreciate of your long peace march.I am very proud of both of you.

Please go on and my spirit will be with you and we can reach our aim if we walk step by step.

We are struggling our freedom without any weapons so that can take time to reach our goal but we can save a lot of lieves!

Please go on and take care of your health!

All the best wishes with metta

Ashin Sopaka
March 23, 2008

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