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Monday, March 24, 2008

Daw Kyi Kyi the Brave Heart, the Iron Lady


Walk For Freedom Update(24 March 2008)
You can watch the Fox 12 TV News about Ko Athein and Ko Zaw Min Htwe

When Ko Athein and Zaw Min Htwe approached Boise City on the 22 March 2008, there were Police officers from Boise City, Idaho were waiting for them to escort them into the city. That make them not so surprise because they had already informed Idaho Police department before crossing the Idaho State Border.

What make them surprise was that they met a person who can able to challenge their courage and determination. That person was not a Solider, not an Olympic Champion, not a Rambo but a Burmese Lady Daw Kyi Kyi.

Daw Kyi Kyi..who??? Daw Kyi Kyi the Brave Heart, the Iron Lady. Daw Kyi Kyi had already undergone for 6 Heart surgery operations for last few years. She has a weak heart but it is a Brave Heart. She is a strong democracy Supporter and she totally agree with the campaign of the 88 Generation Students of sending messages to New York and wanted to support the campaign.
As soon as she heard that Ko Athein and Ko Zaw Min Htwe left Portland, she was ready, she already make-up her mind that she will and she must walk with this 2 young Brave 88 generation students to show them her support. She was waiting for the day, this 2 brave students arriving her City.
So on the 22 March 2008, she couldn't wait any longer, she went outskirt of the town and waiting for them. Here comes Ko Athein and Ko Zaw Min Htwe, they were greeted by the lady whose heart and the courage are as brave as and as strong as them.
Out of respect, they offered her the Fighting Peacock Flag, a symbol of Burmese Students Fighting Spirit. She held the The Flag with great pride and walking together with step, two step......10 steps..NOOOOOOO ..she was walking the distance about 10 City Blogs together with Athein and Zaw Min Htwe and entered the city walking together with them. Incredible!!
She has a Weak heart But it is the BRAVE HEART!!!! Her courage and determination are made out of Steel. WE SALUTE and RESPECT you DAW KYI KYI.
On the Walk for Freedom blog site, Athein and Zaw Min Htwe mentioned that the Fox12 News (Boise, Idaho state) channel interviewed them and asking the meaning of the Fighting Peacock Flag Logo.
In my opinion, they don't need to explain what is the meaning. What they just needed to do was, just introduced Daw Kyi Kyi to those TV people and just told them if you want to know the meaning, just look at this brave lady what she has just done... .that is the meaning of the Logo...the Fighting Spirit..Never say die... Daw Kyi Kyi gave us the great example of how we can support for Freedom of Burma and the Walk for Freedom campaign!!! Well Done..Well done ..Well done.

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