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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Long Peace Walk; Lastest Update for the Day No.3 (6 January 2008)

Source: MASA
(Read the full report in Burmese and more photos at the above link)

Walking in the Rain.
(The monks reach Kalutara Town this evening(shown with arrow. Colombo on top and Starting point Galle at the bottom.)
After walking 12 Kilometer this morning(6 January 2008), monks stop for a day meal at Sirisudahshanayama Monestary at Kawmula village and get some rest. In the afternoon there was very heavy rain but the monks keep continue walking.

A long all the way, all the wishes and encouragements make the monks more strength and motivation. The city dwellers and villagers asked "why are the monks walking?" and whenever they heard the monks replied " We are walking for to get freedom in Burma from the Junta Suppression and for the peace in the world", they(SriLankan people) give their wishes and Blessing. They also mentioned the Buddhist Country like Burma shouldn't be under Military Junta and they give their best wishes for the success of the campaign of the monks.
All Along the way, people put together their hands and pay respect to the monks like the way Burmese people pay their respect to the monks during Saffron Revolution.
The route is along the Coastal of the Indian Ocean and there are Coconut Trees line up along the way and people donated along of coconut juices.

One of the German tourist group shout "Burmese monks must win". All of them come down from the bus and put their hands together and pay respect to the monks. They claps their hand and shout together "Burmese monks will succeed".
Tonight, the monks will rest at Maha Bodhiya Monastery, Kalutara Town.(see the photo).

Colombo is not very far away now, it is only about 30km away. The journey will end in front of United Nation office after reciting Metta Suta on 8 January 2008. Today the monks walk for a distance of 28km.

(Translated By Bay Dah)

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