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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Burmese Activist was called up by Singapore Police

Source: To protect the identity of the Activist I don't want to reveal the source.

According to the Blog site of the Burmese Activist who participated in the protest at the Orchard during the ASEAN summit, the Activist was called up by the Singapore police just very recently and was advised to come to Tanglin Police Station for "interview".(Orchard area is the vicinity of Tanglin Police Station).

This information was posted on that Activist's Blog in Burmese. The Activist mentioned that the phone call from the police caught the activist by surprise because it was quite some time ago. The police asked the activist when will the activist be able to come to the police station for interrogation regarding the Protest issue.
According to the activist, the police talked quite nicely on the phone.

The activist was not sure about how many Burmese Activists who participated Orchard Road Protest during ASEAN summit were called up by the police.
(If I get more information about this news update, I will post as soon as possible .. Bay Dah)

TRACKBACK LINK: (Video of Protest at Orchard Road)

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