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Saturday, December 22, 2007

To be a Good Buddhist "Our Cause " Sermon (Part 1)

The Abbot preaches .....

  • If you TALK with good intention, if you DO with good intention and if you PLAN with good intention you will get back good results.
  • if you TALK with bad intention, if you DO with bad intention and if you plan with bad intention you will only get back bad results.
  • And after life you will ended in a bad place.
  • This is the simplest way of explaining about the "Patthan"(Buddhist Philosophy-The Law of Causal Relation )in a layman term.

The Last thing, I want to tell all of you is .. since now these days there are so many "our causes" everywhere, we the monks, also have to tell about "Our Causes Sermon" to all of you. (Probably the abbot sarcastically mentioned this because the Junta force all kinds of media to print or to show their "our(Junta) three causes" on every news magazine, newspaper, before TV shows, even on the first page of the novel and cartoons everyday and also put on the big Signboard everywhere especially in front of US Embassy ..baydah)

The Abbot lead the Devotee: "To become a Good Buddhist"

The Devotee reply "Our Cause..Our Cause"

The Abbot: "To become a Good Buddhist"

The Devotees: "Our Cause..Our Cause" (devotees replied louder)

The Abbot: "Yes..this is Important..this is important." (said in smile)

(The Devotees chuckled with satisfaction because they understand what the Abbot means and which/what/who he is targeting.)

(to be continued)

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