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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saffron Monks Leader Health is in Danger.

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The health of U Inthariya the leader of the Saffron Revolution in Araken state was in Danger. U Inthariya was currently held in the Boo-thee-Daung Prison, Araken State.

According to the one of the relatives, U Inthariya was not allowed to meet by his family and it is so difficult to tell how bad is his health condition but the news leaked out from the prison said U Inthariya health condition was really bad. he was severely tortured and mentally and physically.

U Inthiriya was arrested at Myoma Monestary, Maung Taw town while he tried to escape from Sittwe(capital of Arakan State) to Bangladesh.

U Inthiriya was disrobe at Maung Taw town and then send to Sittwe Prison and then on 10 October 2007 he was sentenced(without trial) to 7.5 years jail sentence and sent to Boo-Thee-Daung Prison and his family was not allowed to meet him.

During at Sittwe prison he was tortured very badly by military Intelligence agents and now he was mentally very badly effected. This information was told by the one student leader who was release from prison recently.

U Inthiriya is 28yrs old and studying at Saik-ta-Thu-Kha monestary and he was one of the leader during the saffron revolution.

Because of the severely torture, not only his health is in danger but his mantel is also badly affected.

(မွတ္ခ်က္။ ။ နိရဥၥရာမွ သတင္းမ်ားႏွင့္ ဓါတ္ပံုမ်ားအား မည္သူမဆို လြတ္လပ္စြာအသံုးျပဳနိုင္သည္။ နိရဥၥရာ သတင္းရင္းျမစ္ကို ေဖၚျပေပးရန္ ေမတၱာရပ္ခံပါသည္။)
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