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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TP Myanmar Students Announcement


We would like to announce that We, the Tamasek Myanmar Associations from Singapore Tamasek Polytechnic is not getting involve with the entertainment program which is going to be preformed by Burmese Students from various Polytechnic from Singapore; on the 2 January 2008 at the Singapore Mandarin Hotel(Orchard) for the Burma Independent Day Celebration(which is on 4 January ..baydah) organized by Burmese Embassy in Singapore.

Please United:

On 2 January 2008, Junta Collaborators, Traitors of the Burmese People and some Burmese Students from various Polytechnic in Singapore are participate in the entertainment program at Singapore Mandarin Hotel (Orchard Road) to mark the anniversary of Burma Independent Day,, organized by the Burmese Embassy in Singapore.

We want to warn all those entertainer not to forget the Monks, Students and Public who were sacrifice their lives in the recent September Saffron Revolution. Don't forget the cruelty and suppression of the Na-Ah-Pha(Junta).

While all the Burmese people are suppressing and suffering, to accept to participate in the Junta Entertainment is the act of supporting the Junta cruel suppression in last September 2007.

Ask yourself "who you are". Are you the collaborator of Junta? If not, then think carefully what to do before it is too late. Don't make yourself a person hated by the all Burmese People.

It is the responsibility of all patriotic Burmese to try to stop this Independence Day celebration organized by the Junta's embassy. Tell your friends not to go there if they are invited, Not to get involve.

Businessman and Students in Singapore and everywhere around the world, If you love your country, if you are patriotic Burmese, then don't go to this Celebration even you are invited by the Junta embassy..

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