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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shooting broke out between the Junta Army and the DKBA militia

(Source: ThaMut Chan - KaoWao 19 December 2007)
(News need to Verify)

According to the news, came for the border Area, 5 soldiers from DKBA militia(Pro-Junta splinter group from KNU) were killed, shot by the Junta army group. This DKBA group arrived to KNU 6 Army Corps area for Joint offensive with Junta Army against KNU.

The shooting broke out when there was arguments between the Junta Army and DKBA.

The soldiers from DKBA 901 Infantry commanded by Yan Min, refused to follow order from the Junta Army to ambush KNU and that started the arguments and ended up Junta Army shot and killed 5 soldiers from DKBA. There was no casualties from the Junta side according to the officer from the Cease-Fire team who confirmed about the shooting broke out.

It was happened on 16 December 2007 near Tee-Ka-Htain village in the KNU 6 Army Corps command area. The DKBA soldiers were shot by the soldiers from Junta 44 Army Division.

At the time of this shooting, there were 70 soldiers from Junta Army at the scene and the DKBA 901 Infantry commander Yan Min was away at the Myaing-Gyi-Ngu Army headquarter to attend meeting.

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