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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reddish Bloody Night Music Video, Song, Lyrics and Guiter Chords

ေသြး နီ ည

Reddish Bloody Night

Lyrics/composed by Thiri Nyunt
Copyright ©Thiri Nyunt
Lyrics translated by Bay Dah

Original Guiter Chords and Prounciation Text(english), Please click the photo on the right side.
(Courtesy of Ko Thri Nyunt )

To see the Music Video Double Click on the Play Arrow
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Listen only to the Song without watching Video, Click here

ေတး စာ သား (Lyrics)

အိမ္ ေရွ ့ေျခ သံ ၾကား ယင္ (Footsteps ...From the front of a house)

အိမ္ တံ ခါး လာ ေခါက္ မယ္ (The Knocks.... would be knocked ..on the door)

ဒီ ည ၊ ည ဆိုး ရယ္ (Tonight ... is the evil night )

မုန္ တိုင္း ထန္ လြန္း တယ္ (Like a heavy .. stormy night.)

ဒီ ည ၊ ေသြး နီ ည (Tonight .... Reddish Bloody Night)
ကူ မဲ့ သူ မ ရွိ ေသာ ည ရဲ ့ အ လယ္ (When noone help, in the middle... of this night)
ညီ ေလး ... မင္း ဘယ္ မွာ လဲ (Oh Brother ..... Where are you right now...)
ဘယ္ မ်ား ေရွာင္ ပုန္း သြား သ လဲ ကြယ္ (Where are you hiding right
ညီ မ ေလး .. မင္း ဘယ္ မွာ လဲ (Oh Sister..... Where are you right now...)
ဒီ ည မွာ ေပ်ာက္ ဆံုး သြား သူ (You disappear .. on this night )
(end of Chorus)

လ မင္း ကြယ္ ေပ်ာက္ ရင္ (When the Moon disappear...)

အ ေမွာင္ ည သိပ္ သည္း မယ္ (The dark night becomes ... darker)

ဟို မိုး ေပၚ က ၾကယ္ (The stars .. high above the sky.......)

ေၾကြ လင့္ ကာ ေပ်ာက္ ကြယ္ (Fall down ... and vanished )

(Repeat Chorus:)

ohh.. oh..... oh oh oh Oh.... .oh..ohoh..oh.. ohh.. oh oh.oh..Oh... ohhh.. oh oh ...

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus Again)

Ohh oh..... oh oh oh Ohh.... .oh..ohoh..Oh.. Ohh.. oh oh.oh..Oh... ohhh.. oh.. ohOh..Ohh...


Subba Rao said...

Really Good. Heart touching

TG said...

(applause) Gr8 piece of work :)

John S (CatchAFire4Yhwh) said...

Keep singing, Thiri! You are being heard around the world!