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Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Generation Burmese Youth Activities broadcast By VOA Burmese Program

This article was originally posted on this Link (click on the photo to enlarge to read the article in Burmese)

This report was originally broadcast from VOA Burmese program.

Heading: Some members of new generation youth organization "Generation Wave" distributed political awareness leaflets in some part of the Rangoon.(24 November 2007 from VOA Burmese program.)

It looks like everything is back to normal in Burma due to the merciless crackdown by Burmese Junta on Democracy Uprising which happened in the month of September and October. But in reality, there are some political activities start appearing here and there in the month of November. Such as distributing "Political Awareness Leaflets, Pasted anti military junta poster on the wall or spray painting anti Military Junta slogan on the wall.

Yesterday(23 November 2007) some part of Yangon(Rangoon) , there were distributing of Anti Junta leaflets said some local residence of Yangon.

There are a lot of plain clothes Junta Agents and militia were posted on the Roads. One Yangon residence said no one is trust each other on the road, besides that yesterday at several places some youth distributing leaflets. Based on the information got from the some sources, The Youth Movement which was formed after the September Saffron Revolution organized "co-ordinated" activities at precise timing.

One of the member of the "Generation Wave" youth movement organization, Ko XXXX XXXX(name omitted for personal safety of the youth) explained: "People's President Organization and our "Generation Wave" youth movement Organization joined together and carried out distributing and spreading of (Anti junta)Leaflets.

Following is the interview between one of the "Generation Wave" youth movement member and VOA Burmese Program Correspondent U Thar Nyunt Oo:

Q(VOA): What are you mentioning in the leaflets

Ans: Inside the leaflets, it mentioned about:

  1. For the safety of all the monks to practice their daily routine in monastery.
  2. For the safety of all the monks to study the Buddhist religion.
  3. To Fulfil the basic necessity such as food,clothing and shelter for the general Public.
  4. Establishment of REAL Democracy(in Burma).

Q(VOA): which are the places did you distrubute the leaflets.

Ans:The leaflets were spread at the 7 places in Yangon:

  1. Yuzana Shopping Plaza.
  2. Mingala Market.
  3. Near the Thein Phyu Street Post office.
  4. At the corner of Bo Aung Gyaw St. and Anawratha Road.
  5. Near Kan Taw Min Gala Park
  6. Bahan St 3
  7. Tamwe Roundabout.

Q(VOA): What are the response of General Public?

Ans: The response of the public was as he continue to explain: :some people took the leaflets with great Interest but some even though they took the leaflets, they are scare to death and it looks like they didn't dare to take it at all.

Q(VOA): Is there any arrest?

Ans: There were no arrest because we organized to distribute and spread these leaflets within 1 to 3 hrs at all the place at the same time so that when the Junta got the information, may be it is too late for Junta to "React" so there were no arrest.

VOA Comment: Even though new generation youth are very active with the movement, some people are still so scare and fear till today. But we can say, after the September and October movement, more youth are start interesting in politic more than before.

© and VOA Burmese Program News


Anonymous said...

Thanks NB for the translation...

bsome people are still so scare and fear till today.

this is the most important part we must tackle, in the inside and on the outside there is fear that we must learn to control it if we want to succeed. now, how to get rid of fear?

Bay Dah said...

Good Question Jeg; I wish I can have an answer...

Anonymous said...

I'm working on it baydah :) ...

I downloaded it without any probs...
and Fear is tackled in that manual... under Preparing for non violent - Dealing with Fear.... ;)

Anonymous said...

let's see if this works...
link to the manual