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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


"Happy: Thanks for sending the link of which inturn linked me to the the link below:

This news was posted in DVB website on November 26, 2007 ( )

Sayadaw U Gambiya's(Leader of Saffron Revolution) Father is still missing:

There was a news came out U Min Lwin, Father of Saffron Revolution Monks' leader, who was arrested in Insein Prison was missing.

U Min Lwin was arrested by Junta on November 12 when he went to Insein Prison to see his son because he was worring for him.

Daw Yae (wife of U Min Lwin) said: On November 16, she was allowed to sent parcel to Insein Prison for U Gambiya, U Min Lwin and Ko Aung Kyaw Kyaw(elder son of U Min Lwin and Daw Yae), where all of them were arrested but not allowed her to see all of them.

She said: "On 22 November, when she arrived back her home town "Meik Hti lar", very early in the morning(Dawn), the member of the police special investigation branch, came in informed that she got "permit" to meet." She also said: "it is no easy to go to "Meik Hti Lar and Yangon(where the Insein Prison is) and the transportation fee are very expensive for her and there are other things too."(probably harresment by junta people on the way).

But anyway she went there and found out All her parcel package for U Min Lwin was given back to her and was told by Prison authority that U Min Lwin was not in Insein Prison.

On November 26, her daughter who is living in Yangon, went to see U Min Lwin but Daw Yae said she didn't hear any news yet from her daughter that she had a chance to meet U Min Lwin or not. Daw Yae said she was now very worrying for her Husband becaue the authority(Junta) haven't gave any information about U Min Lwin.

She said she asked the Authority officially "where he(U Min Lwin) is and why they cannot giver her information about him". She said: U Min Lwin is 70 yrs old and got stroke 2yrs ago very seriously and oneside of his cheek was not in normal position anymore.

She said she was proud of her son U Gambiya for his participation in September Saffron Revolution.

She said: "I don't fell shame instead I feel proud. he didn't do for himself, for him he only need a "Tha Baik"(A black Bowl carried by monks to accpet the offering from people during their daily early morning roundabout procession), he doesn't need any other things at all. They(all the monks) did that not for them, not for their family, they did this for everyone. Because of he did this(Saffron Relvolution) for everyone, I am proud of myelf as a mother of good son.
Since she was not allowed to meet her son, Daw Yae wrote this poem by herself for her son Sayadaw U Gambiya with her tears.

(Original Burmese version you can read at the DVB website, the link mentioned above this post.)

I copy the English translation and reposted here. The poem (The English translation) was orginally posted by the following blog where you can find others good article there.

Oh The Great Wall of Insein Prison (© Translated Version by Nay Chi U who translated the poem)
Direct translation of the Poem's Actual title name is "To My beloved Son U Gambiya" .. (Bay Dah)
Original Burmese Version you can read at DVB website:

At last I have arrived at the gate of Insein Prison because I was told that my son could be herewith the only hope I had in the world was to see my son's face, howeverI wasn't allowed Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison.

Standing strongly cold hard and tall
Do you realise that you are separating the mother and the son?
I beg you for I have come from a long long way
Please could I see my dear little son
Even if it is only for one short second
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

Please stop ignoring me
As if you've forgotten that I am here
How I wish that I was someone called 'David Copperfield'
I heard he could make trains and lorries vanished
Perhaps I can then make you disappeared
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

How I wish that I was the Superman too
With all that super power and speed
I could just glide over you
Just for a little reassurance of seeing my son
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

I also wish that I could have help from the Lord Sakka
who would not only make sure that I see my son
but also assist all of them to escape from this notorious hell
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

In real life, I can only cry
For I am not David Copperfield, Superman nor Lord Sakka
I just cry and cry and cry
For I would like to see my dear little son
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

I have come from a long long way
just to have a chance to see my son's face
And now I will have to go home, without being given any chance
I must go now but please do remember
I will come here again soon
And this time, could you please let me see my beloved son
Oh the Great Wall of Insein Prison

(The original poem was written by Daw Yay, the mother of U Gumbira, the noble monk, who led the monks protest in September and subsequently arrested on 4th November 2007. Nay Chi U, our contributor interpreted it with the best intention)

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