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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hey You - - - Stand Up

Please click on the picture to enlarge to read the poem in original Burmese language

(This poem in Burmese was sent to me by my C-box friend "Happy" who ask me to translate into English)

(N.B. The words put in the bracket are my own words help you to understand what the Author means)

Why are you wasting your time by just quarrelling with ever gossip spreading, wrong information publishing lying Junta mouth piece media and radio?

Why are you wasting your time by just arguing what is fair or what is not fair with your talk only?

Instead you should participate (with us in saffron revolution)
Instead of showing of your courage just behind the scene, why can't you participate with us?

Instead of just reading Anti-Junta articles and get a satisfactiond, you should participate?
Instead of JUST listening VOA, BBC broadcasting and clapping hand, you shouldparticipate?

If you don't make use of your Knowledge and Philosophy practically(for Free Burma cause), it is such a waste..

Don't just Grumble, don't just Lazy, Don't just be a critic only ... Break away from your attitude of fighting only with your mouth.

Are u just sitting at the sidewalk??

Are you going to give up your life and future just because of bribe, which promise you with the salary increment?

Are u just forget the justice and just "Chasing" for your Business interest instead? Are you squeezeing up with your life for the sake of one meal and one dish?

These are nothing (compare to Free Burma Cause)...... everyone is same as you, everyone has their own worry.... BUT .. you just think it over...

Some people are marching, some people are joining, some people are participating... (for Free Burma campaign)

Do you think you are one of the elite people, Are you waiting for the other people sympathy .. Are you expecting for the other people come and rescue you?

Nobody can rescue you and your future, You are the ONE and ONLY rescue for yourself and your future(generations).

As long as you are NOT participating, you future is still a VERY long way to go.....
and you are going to sink slowly inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter into the meaning less, worthless life under the Military Junta Iron heel.

What? What are you saying

... Are u going to make an excuse by saying you have this and you don't have that... or.....are you going to say it is not a fair and square fight?

If you, me and he participate will make us feel more stronger
If more and more people join .. it will become more stronger and stronger..

A rope made out of millions of single grass strand can pull down the mighty Elephant...A wave consists of million of tiny water droplets can break the massive rock.....RIGHT?

I requested and encouraged you..HEY YOU please STAND UP - - - PLEASE STANDING UP(for the Free Burma Cause)
(© Burmese script ..MYAN PYI THAR)

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