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Friday, May 9, 2008

Don't let Junta cheat you.

TO All the Humanitarian Aid Organizations, the Humanitarian Agencies, and the International Government Bodies,

Probably all of you had already got this information mentioned below;..
"Burma wants supplies but not foreign aid workers, its foreign ministry says, hours after the UN chief urged military leaders to prioritise relief work. "

Why does the Junta so scare to allow the Aid workers and experts come into Burma? Why?

Don't let them cheat all of you. Just don't give them the supplies without any supervisions otherwise All the Supplies means for the Cyclone Nargis Victims will ended up in the military stock pile and eaten by their soldiers, make profit by the commanders and the money donated will go to the generals' Bank account.

We had been experience this so many times BEFORE, the computers which were donated for the civilians universities were ended in the military academies, medical equipments which were for the civilian Hospitals were ended in the military hospitals, UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) funded scholarships were taken by the Military personals, cheated the UNDP authorities by changing their Title from Colonel, Major, Captain so and so to U(means Mr. in Burmese) so and so , Director/deputy Director of so and so dept., etc

So please beware and don't let them cheat all of you and divert supplies for the Cyclone victims to their Military barracks.
These idiot Junta said they can manage the distributions by themselves, now already 1 week had been passed, what did they do..people are starving and dying. (Please Read "Encountered bad experience .... article below)
Now it is time for the UN peace keeping forces to enter Burma(by force if necessary) to save our Burmese people. All the civilians will welcome the UN forces for sure.

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