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Friday, May 9, 2008

Encountered Bad Experience while try to donate supplies to Cyclone victims

Source: From Ko Htike C box

I found this comment posted in the C box by someone, his/her own experience of (when went to donate food to the cyclone victims) how the Junta's Thugs prevented people to donate supplies to victim and try to take credit for themselves as they are the one who make the donations.

Actually the gov should do something , they said they are helping to ေလေဘး ဒုကၡသည္ (cyclone victims).I just want to share my own experience , our (xxxx) embassy families went to ဒုကၡသည္ (Cyclone victims) camp to distribute food and rice .

The ‘Kyant Phount ’ (the Junta's organized Thugs Terrorist group)did not allow us to enter to campus . They told us to leave the food with them , they don’t allow any outsiders . How are we going to help them , they don’t have enough man power to support to people but they don’t allow others to help . How stupid are they ?
We don’t believe to ‘Kyant Phount’ , is we give $1 , 50 cents will go to their pocket and 50 cent will go to people .
We saw U Kyaw Thu(Famous Actor who is doing charity work with his own money) from ‘Nar Yay’ organization too . They came to distribute rice for people . But the ‘Kyant Phount’ did not allow them to enter and asking to hand over rice to them .
We went to ‘Hlaing Tharyar’(Shanty town just outskirt of Rangoon, one of the worst hit area) and meet with some people they said they haven’t receive any aid .

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