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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Majority of Burmese from Lion city Vote "NO"

On the 26 April, self aware Burmese Patriotic people were eagerly waiting in front of Burmese embassy at St. Martin Road off Orchard Road. Their face showed their determination of to do the right things for the country.

Some whispering, some shouting to show their dissatisfaction of the way Burmese Embassy Staffs working slowly for the voting Process.
Even though the law mentioned whoever is 18 years old and able to prove that he is Burmese citizen can able to vote for the so called "draft constitution" referendum but some are not allowed to vote, even though they explained politely to the embassy staff that they are already over 18 years old and they have their VALID Burmese passport which is the solid prove of they are Burmese citizen and they are still not allowed to vote and these Burmese people are asking the embassy staffs what are the reason.
The Only reply they got from the Burmese embassy staff was "because they were not on the list"!!! which was the only answer the embassy staff repeated and repeated again for all the questions and equiry(What a Bullshit !! the law already mentioned if you are 18 and above and prove of you are Burmese citizen you can vote and they are still mentioned no name on the list, What list,, we don't need that list..we already proved we are Burmese citizen!!! ..baydah)
What so ever, according to the people who went there and vote said the HIGH MAJORITY Vote for ..NO!!!.
Whether Junta try to cheat the Result or not, In Singapore,as per actual witness account and as per the voter themselves said ..that the Higher majority of the votes are all NO NO NO!!!

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