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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Operation "Termination of three sons"

Operation Code of Recent Military Junta suppression of Saffron revolution was Operation "Terminiation of Three Sons" (In Burmese.. "Thar Thone Thar Shin Lin Yae") . The Operation name was given and advised to carry out by the infamous "Kyat Khat Wyne" monastery head monk.

The direct meaning of "Thar Thone Thar Shin Lin Yae" is..

Thar = Son

Thone= Three

Thar = Classifier noun(eg. Three dogs = in burmese, we say "khwayThone kaung" - kaung is classifier noun, khway = dogs, thone = three)

Shin Lin Yae = termination or getting rid

The infamous Kyat Khat Wyne monk advised the junta to get rid of "Thar Thone Thar"(three sons)

Phayar Thar = sons of Buddha(in Burma sometimes we mentioned the monks as Buddha's sons.) = monks

Kyaung Thar = sons of school = Students

Sis Thar = sons of war = soldier

So the Operation Termination of Three sons = Getting rid of Monks, Students and Soldiers

Why soldiers? .. Because they are "witness" .... according to that infamous monk, first getting rid of monks and students by ordered the soldiers to kill them, then getting rid of the "WITNESS" by Killing the soldiers who shot monks and students.

In a cartoon the General is thinking of.. " Operation Terminations of Three Sons".. mean they already killed monks and students and now it is the soldiers to be killed.


dearpeter said...

I can't figure out how CBox works. Can you post a beginner's guide? I have tried to post, but it rejects me. And I am pretty good with Web tools myself. Where is the reference guide for this tool that is so popular among Burmese bloggers and activists?

dearpeter said...

Oops. I posted this elsewhere on your blog though I meant to post it here:

Here is a small Webpage I made in support of Burma:


I think it is terrible how hard the mainstream media is working to downplay important news about this revolution in progress. The powers that be do not like the idea of a successful non-violent revolution supported by an international network of ordinary people. Stories are getting removed from websites shortly after appearing. I have been emailing sites to ask why and get no response. It's like they are rewriting history. One of the UN guys even appeared to agree to the junta's body count number of 15. Shameless.

Good luck. You'll need it.