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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What the People Want .. is... the Real One

©Original Burmese poem Author Chan Mya Way

"What the People Want .. the Real One"

Fake Medicine, Fake Doctor, Fake Stamp, everything is Faked, Fake Juice Drink...even fake Chinese Salt(Aginomoto -MSG monosodium glutamate) .. sometimes Fake Gold, Fake Money .. Fake Love

"What ever Fake" which are created by the Crooks and the Conmen are never good for your own sake.

If you close your eyes and blindly believe and trust these "Fakes"..your life and your future are at dangerous Stake.

Now look at all the fakes which are... Up to Date ...

Fake Congress, Fake Support Rally, Fake Meeting, Fake Reconciliations ..Fake Democracy, Fake Release, fake this, fake that ...... Oh so many... Fakes..
The World Greatest Conman Satan Junta Than Shwe and his followers thugs and cronies .... create all these fakes in daily Alarming Rate.

Do the slogan .. "look for the good things and prepare for the worst thing" .. as it states

For our country Peace and Freedom sake .. Oh People of Burma.. Lets participate..

Oh Peace loving People of Burma .. Open your eyes, your ears and your intelligence.. for not to make a single mistake

For the Final Freedom Revolution Stakes .. do your best for what is necessary for the Country Fate

"Do freedom movement while you are preparing and Prepare while you are doing the freedom movement" .. it will make our People Great

Only then you will become Ready and Prepared People Revolutionist mate ... and will achieve what the people really want which are not fakes...

What the People want is..Real Reconciliations, Real Meeting, Real Freedom and Real Democracy and Real Human Rights.. THE REAL ONE...

(I translate and interpret this poem with my best intention ...Bay Dah)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pan Bay Dah... it sounds wonderful to me...

dearpeter said...

BTW, here is a Web page I made. I also post Burma stories to several sites on the Internet. It is terrible how the media companies are working so hard to ignore this revolution in progress.