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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calm before the Storm

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No headlines news about Burma, No information came out from Burmese activists. May be people around the world might think, the struggle for democracy and freedom in Burma might be slow down or cool down, if they think like that way, they are totally wrong. Like the wave hit the beach, if the people around the world think that the wave is smoothed by the beach after hit then they are totally wrong because there are a lot of undercurrents under the surface after the wave hit the beach and the next wave will be hit again and again and again.

As a Buddhist, one must believe that nothing is permanent, The Military Junta will never last forever, even the mighty super power Dictator country like Soviet Union was fall down by the democracy movement.

We must avoid mentioning Than Shwe's Thug army as the Burmese Army because The Burmese Army which was founded by General Aung San was not the same as the Thugs Army which was made used and headed by Than Shwe and his puppets.

It is not the ethnic Burmese Army is suppressing and torturing the other ethnic minority races, it is Than Shwe puppet thug Army who suppressed and tortured all the ethnic groups such as Burmese(Bamah ethnic), Shan, Karen, Kahin, Chin, Araken, Kayah, Mon, Palaung, Padaung etc . For example during U Thant uprising, Rangoon University Student were killed/murdered by the Ne Win's Commandos which were formed with mostly Chin ethnic soldiers(the infamous Red Scarf). Than Shwe Army create a Karen Militia Thugs( DKBA) who are mainly Buddhist to fight against the own ethnic Karen group KLNA who are mainly Christain. They(Than Shwe and his puppets) also organized a group of thugs(most of them are ethnic Bamah(burmese)) to assasinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her party members at Central Burma near Deepayin Town.

Than Shwe and its Thug Army create ethnic tension by letting one ethnic group to beat/killed other ethnic groups or create fighting among own ethnic group which have different religion believes among themselves or who are not the same ideology as them.

So it is not the same Burmese National Army which was founded by General Aung San is suppressing the Ethnic Minorities, it is the Fascist Nazi Than Shwe Thug Army is suppressing all the people, all the ethnic groups including ethnic Burmese(Bamah) of Burma.

Than Shwe used his thug army to make the Ethnic tension, the Religion Tension so that they can practise "Divide and Rule" policy. This is the reason they always mentioned themselves as Burmese Tat-ma-daw and claimed as that "Country will fall apart" if the Than Shwe Nazi Fascist Army(Tat-ma -daw) is not in control of everyone inside Burma". They use the word "Burmese Ta-ma-daw" for their Nazi Army, tat-ma-daw means Army in Burmese because this is to create tension between Burmese(Bamah) ethnic group and other ethnic groups inside Burma.

Than Shwe's' army while giving favour to the Wa army( who were just the thugs of former Burmese Communist Army now become the major Drug Producers of the world ) but at the same time Than Shwe Army is suppressing the Karen Ethnic groups.( I am nothing against the ordinary Wa people who actually (most of them) were staying inside China or around Burmese/Chinese Border area before 1988 and only after the 8888 uprising and after the cease fire agreement between Wa drugs Army and Than Shwe Nazi Army then so called " people" of the Wa "ethnic" group migratied into Burma, most of them only speak Yunnan's Chinese Language). Actually many of my friends are from the northern Shan State and they are much aware of the situation there..

The Main reasons of cease fire between Wa Drug Army and Than Shwe Thugs Arrny after the cracked down of the 8888 Democracy uprising was that Than Shwe can relocated its army into Cities and Towns of all over Burma(to supressed people calling for democracy and freedom) and also Than Shwe can relocated his Army divisions(his cracked units) to the Burmese/Thai Border to suppress newly formed student army group ABSDF(which was formed after the cracked down of students lead 8888 democracy uprising)

In fact what is actually happening in Burma is, it is the struggle between the people of Burma who want Democracy/Justice/freedom and the Military Junta which was started by Ne Win in 1962 and succeeded by Sein Lwin then Saw Maung and now by Than Shwe and his puppet Nazi Army, it is not the struggle between any ethnic groups or the struggle between any religious group.

We, the people of all the ethnic groups of Burma will never surrender and we will keep fighting for the Democracy and the freedom for our country Burma against the Than Shwe Military Junta and his Nazi Thugs who occupied our country since 1962.

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