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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thai PM is more foolish than the Junta

Thai PM Samak went to Burma and return empty handed but protect Junta. he said he saw Aid supplies donated by the HM Thai King at the relief centre so he said aid supplies are reaching to the Cyclone victims. WHAT A FOOL!!! he tried to please both HM the Thai king and the Junta.

HM Thai King donated the Aid supplies a week ago before Thai PM went to Burma. If the Junta really distributed the Aids supplies to the Cyclone victims, there would be no Aid Supplies at relief center, Aid should be with the cyclone victims but instead he still saw the Aid supplies at the relief center.
That's mean the Junta never distributed the Aid supplies and just keep them for show whoever come and inspect or visit the relief centre.
SAMAK your brain is so little, you didn't know logical thinking, how cam you become a PM. No wonder, that's why you are just a Thaksin follower like a puppy followed his master.
Only the fool who doesn't have enough IQ, will belive what the Junta said

Samak, please read the following article before you say anything.

Steal Big, Steal little
Source: Rule of Lords (

International groups in Burma are reportedly acknowledging that the army is “diverting” or “pilfering” aid (euphemisms for thieving) to Cyclone Nargis victims but are declining to give details for fear that they will be locked out completely.(Full story Click here)

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