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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rangoon In the middle of the Hurricane


(This is the translation from the Article posted on the Myomyintaungmm Blog)

You can read compilations of all the news reports from various sources about Rangoon hit by the cyclone Nargis at the this link: !!!!)

Rangoon in the Middle of the storm

On the road of Rangoon people were running with their belongings and tried to stop all the cars passed by.

The local eye witness who was fortunately able to contact explained that "Rangoon was totally devastated" hysterically repeated again and again.

The person who looked around the Rangoon after the rain stop said he couldn't dare to go another 1 km and turned back because he didn't bare to see the total destruction of the Rangoon city. The big tress and the Big sign Board were felled on the road and the houses everywhere.

The person continued that he had never seen like this in his whole life.

According to the sources from Rangoon, Kyauktan town which was near by Rangoon had more destruction.

In Rangoon, at Sanchaung Township, all the zinc roofs were Flying in the air and the sky was red colour.

The Cyclone started around Friday midnight and still going strong till now(Saturday morning 3 May 2008). All the electricity and telephone line were cut off and all the zinc roofs were flying around in the air and there were a big loud strange noises.

The were more destruction in Irrawaddy division and expected high causality.

Near Hanthawadi circle(near the Burma Broadcasting and TV stations), the big trees were uprooted and all the big sign board were felled apart and the wind was still strong and there were no government Municipal people to clear the Road and the debris.

All the satellite dishes were destroyed and all the zinc roofs were spread everywhere. No one dared to go outside and even there were not a single dog nor cat on the street.

The rain drops moved HORIZONTALLY like the steam from the cattle pot. Since the roof are destroyed people were the nailed the door from outside and locked the door and stayed in their houses with fear.

Since people were not expected that the cyclone was that big, no one prepare to stock up the food and there might be a danger of food shortage everywhere.

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