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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How Low they are? Junta take political gain out of Nargis

You must be already familiar with the regular news about how Junta not allow international Humanitarian Aids workers come into Burma or the Junta initially reject the offered from UN. Some of you will wonder how come? the country was badly hit by the cyclone and the country ruler rejected the Humanitarian Aids offer from other countries.

As for Burmese, these things are nothing news, these are the Junta STANDARD PROCEDURE. They want the Grass root people of Burma seen them as Saviors of them.

Like the way they always practice. Whenever there were donations from others countries for the natural disasters victims, what they(junta) did was they didn't allow the Aid workers from donation countries came along with the supplies. Why? There is 2 reasons for this.

First reason; They(junta) didn't want the donation countries people know that they RELABEL the donations supplies as donate from the generals or the various Military Divisions.(so that they can take credit as a donors to the general Public)

Second reason; If they(junta) allow the Humanitarian Aid workers go to the disaster area, the local people will start knowing that the military cannot handle the situation that's why people from other countries come and help. They Junta don't want this. What they want is, to make the people think that they(military) are the only organization that help them(public).

They have been practise like this for so many years. (That is one of the reason, the junta cutoff its people with outside world)

Now look at the recent TV from Myanmar Television. Instead of showing how much damage or how much people suffered, the TV showed the General stood in front of the people and giving token supplies and also showed the supplies Boxes with the names of the Generals on it as all these supplies were donated by them.

How low they are, they used the Cyclone disaster as the opportunity for their political gain and their popularity.

If they really care about the Burmese people, let the International Aid agency come into Burma, like the way Indonesia allowed the aid workers to come to Indonesia freely during tsunami.

JUNTA, I CHALLENGE YOU..if you REALLY CARE about our BURMESE PEOPLE allow the Aid workers come into Burma FREELY.

People died everywhere and people need help, Forget about all these DAMN Politics.

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