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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mistaken Identity ?????

I am wondering whether the UNHCR officials from MaeSod and US Embassy Staff from Bangkok were confused or mistaken the identity between the International Burmese Monks Organization President Monk, Sayardaw U Pannavamsa and the Fake monk(in his passport A015054, his name is spelled as U PANNA VASMA). May be thats the reason, they(UNHCR and US Embassy) send the fake monk to US quickly? Any Suggestion? (all are welcome to suggest)

On the left Photo is the IBMO President Sayadaw U Pannavamsa and on the Right Photo is the Fake monk with a name U PANNA VASMA on his passport A.A015054.( Did the fake monk purposely using this name to confuse UNCHR and the US Embassy Staff or just pure coincidence???)

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