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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Junta Spy Fake Monk on the Loose

Source: Dr Lun Swe Blog site

Junta Spy Fake monk named U Pyin Nya WunTha is on the way to US, left Bangkok on the Thai Airways Flight No. TG792 to New York on 19 March 2008 with Passport No. A015054, Name on Passport: U PANNA VAMSA
This is the translation of the letter that was posted on the Dr. Lun Swe Blog .(Photo of the original letter and copy of the passport of the monk and photo of the monk at the bottom of this Article.)

After the last year Saffron Revolution, the opportunist junta spy fake monk names U Pyinnya Wun Tha is on the way to United States.

Around year 2000 he was overseas and was arrested and prisoned for the work permit problem. Even inside the prison his integrity was really bad and he informed the activities of the political prisoners to the Prison Authorities.(Ask about this to ex-political prisoners)
He got bad name inside Burma as a monk and he went to border town Mae Sok(Thailand) and applied for going to third country as refugee at UNHCR.(Check AAPP). Even though he was applying for refugee status, he didn't stay inside refugee camp and he was travelling to and fro between Bangkok and Mae Sot and staying together with a woman with a name Ma Sandar. Later he went back into Burma giving an excuse of to show around the boss of Ma Sandar inside Burma.
During September Saffron Revolution, he stood beside the monks and took his photo himself with his phone camera and made fake evidence that he participated in Saffron Revolution. He claimed himself as Leader of Thawtuzana Bikkhu group and gave interviews.(Actual leader of Thawtuzana Bikkhu group is Ahshin Ahdipadi from Maggin Monestary).

Then he came out to Bangkok with Sangha(monk) Passport after Saffron Revolution.

While all the monks who participated in the Saffron Revolution were arrested and beaten and tortured inside prison, he was able to apply and get the Sangha Passport was his BIGGEST Questionable and Suspicious Act.

Then he came back again to Border Town Mae Sot and try to apply again as refugee for going to Third country, he was not only applying for himself, he also helped to apply for the others Junta spy monks who came out from Burma by Flight with proper passport.(Those real monks who participated in the Saffron Revolution ran away from junta through the Border area by foot and no passport at all. Bay Dah remarks)

Some monks who already arrived earlier in Bangkok have to pay money to him for going to Third country as refugee.

He rent a room in Mae Sot and then bring the fake monks from Ranong and Bangkok to apply for refugee Status for going to third country(He acted as a middle man)

He tried to put wedges between the real monks who ran away from Junta after Saffron Revolution to create instability among the real monks and also persuade the monks to carryout protest.(Ask about this to Sayadaw U Kawvida(saffron revolution monk) who is already in US and also ask to the monks at Mae Sok).

There are other 2 suspicious monk like him still inside Thailand are U Nandi Thayna and U Revata(work before as Sasana Mawli Thai Information service representative). (Details of the two monks will be published later)

U Pyinnya Wuntha arrived Bangkok with a passport on the 23 October 2007 and he got the Thai VISA on 18 October 2007. His passport No is A015054, name on passport U PANNA VAMSA. See the copy of his passport below.

The democracy Activists informed UNHCR and United Stated Embassy in Bangkok about this suspicious monk information and Data but officials from both UNHCR and US Embassy Consular section didn't bother and ignored the information from Democracy Activist Group

UNHCR from Mae Sot already got the information about this fake monk who came out from Burma with passport 3 months ahead but they didn't make any enquiry and even make a special arrangement for him to go to US under priority list.

International Organization for Migrations
also allowed U Pyinnya Wuntha demand of that he will go ahead with passport and wait at the Bangkok and that he didn't go under the refugee programme.(please ask about this to Ko Aung Wae(Poet), Ma Tin Mo Lwin and Ko Hlaing Moe Than who are flying out from Bangkok together with him)

At this moment real refugee monks, students and public who ran away from Junta were denied to get Refugee status by the UNHCR officials. Now we are wondering what is the relationship between the Mae Sot UNHCR officials and the Junta. Is there a Big Conspiracy?

Now we are worried about that UNHCR will send those fake refugees junta spies who came out from Burma with proper passport to the Third Countries as refugees. Also we would like to tell to the United States officials not to take these fake refugees for the sake of getting information, please consider the plight of real refugees.

U Pyinya Wuntha was flying out from Bangkok to New York with Thai International Flight No. TG792 on the 19 March 2008

Be aware of the Junta supporters, spy and their Fifth elements. Oppose and expose those Junta Supporters who help U Pyinnya Wuntha able to go to United States.

Be Vigilant!!

(I am just Translated the letter which was posted in Dr. Lun Swe Blog, if you want to verify please contact the source blog ..Bay Dah)


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Please check this...
U Pannya Vamsa and the fake are the same people?

The fake monk's passport's name is the same... I'm confused now...

who is who?