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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Latest News about Long Peace Walk

Source: Ashin Mettacara's Blog: Link:

Burmese Monks in Sri Lanka have arrived at the Janandananamya Temple, praying for the Burma by reciting Metta Sutta and offering flower to the Buddha. Ven. Aggadhamma said that everying is okay and they are very delighted to see local people are helping , security are guarding on the way the walk. Temple where the Burmese Monks staying will make for breakfast for tomorrow morning and lunch will be donated by the local Buddhists. The monks will continues to march from Hikkaduwa to Aluttgama at 7am in tomorrow(5 January 2008).

(Please visit Ashin Mettecara Blog for More update news and Photo. Link: )

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