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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am happy and I am not alone anymore !!!

Today, I surf around all the blogs which are related to Burma and find out more and more Burmese blogs are translating and/or posting the articles and news in English language to make the whole world aware of Burmese people feeling and Burma related news which are not mentioning in the major News Broadcaster Like VOA English news, BBC World news or CNN, etc.

There must be a lot of Burmese Bloggers who start posting in both Language (Burmese and English). I am going to find out as fast as I can and as much as I can.

Recently I come to notice that following bloggers are stepping up their translation of Burmese articles and news into English Language. These bloggers are Naychiu' Blog (Who is Who in Burma), Ashin Mettacarra's Blog(Ashin Mettacara), Thway Ni's Blog (Burmese Bloggers w/o Borders).

There must be others Burmese Bloggers posted in english for sure, Please forgive me if I don't mentioned these blogs and please let me know so that I can mention next time and non-Burmese speaking, Burmese people supporters can visit all of your blogs and read the articles.

I salute and give my up most respect to my fellow bloggers Ashin Mettacarra, Naychiu and Thway Ni.

Here are their blogs.

Ashin Mettacarra


Thway Ni

(Updated Blog list of Burma News and Articles in English: )
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