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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Message from 88 Generations Students

International Human Rights Day Message to All the UN member Nations and The International Organization
88 Generation Students Organization of Free Burma Movement.

Date: 10 December 2007


All the Government around the world and all the people of the whole world,

Since the United Nations General Assembly's adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 10 December 1948, all the member nations have the full responsibility of respect and protect for the basic Human Rights.

The development of modern technology, news media and Globalisation of trading, ideas, cultural exchanges make the countries, governments and people to think and act practically and naturally beyond their geographical boundaries of their nations.

In this time of Globalisation around the world, the Military Junta from Burma(Myanmar) have been openly suppressed and practised gross violations of all the Basic Human Rights to its own people in their own country daily since 1962.

All the UN members countries shouldn't look at this situation as JUST an internal affairs and ignore our Burmese people plight, instead they should act together and get involve to ensure that the primacy of human rights and to confront human rights violations wherever they occur as a kind consideration and rightful act to the fellow human being.

The killing of Japanese Reporter, Heated Discussion about Burma Democracy and Human Rights issue at UN security council, Refugee issues, Drugs productions and smuggling, Human trafficking in Burma, Face loosing situation of ASEAN Leaders at recent ASEAN Summit were clearly showed and proved that Burma Military Junta's violation of Human Rights issues are no longer cannot consider ONLY as Burma Internal Issue anymore.

Therefore, all the International Communities should not ignore the gross violations of Human Rights in Burma.

We would like to appeal and request all the Nations, please don't waste time or reluctant to help and protect the fellow human being dignity and their Basic Human Rights, JUST for the sake of giving priority only to the profit of your country business.
88 Generation Students

( Act Now !! Time is running out !! Are you waiting for the another Killing Field is going to happen again and again?? .... Bay Dah)

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