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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Interview with Ko Kyaw Thet

Interview with Ko Kyaw Thet (Democratic Information Department)
Copyright© by Ko Si Thu
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Please go this link to listen the interview in Burmese :

Ko Si Thu: Please Kindly introduce yourself.
Ko Kyaw Thet: Well, My name is Kyaw Thet and I am from 88 generation student movement.

Ko Sithu: Where were you working before?
Ko Kyaw Thet: During the 8888 Student upring, as a 88 generation student, I am working for the Whole Burma Student Union Headquarter.
After the cracked down of the student, I escape to Thailand and then to US since then I am settle down in US and working together with any organisation which have same vision, same objective and resolution for our country.

Ko Sithu: What do you think about this 7 Steps Road Map which was written by the Military Junta?
Ko Kyaw Thet: If you look at the The Junta policy of 7 Steps Road Map, the one step is writing of Constitution and now they are preparing to write the Constitution. The Constitutions are very important to any one country. It is the Life Line and essential requirement of the country.
But as of today, if you look at the Constitution which they(Junta) preparing to write is not reflect to the people desire nor reflect to the people life, then this Constitution will be considered as not applicable.
Beside that if that Constitution is going to be adopted by the National Congress then we have to check the delegations of the National Congress. Who are these delegations? Who they really represent? That's why for me, I will not accept the Constitution which is written by them(Military Junta).

Ko Si Thu: So who should be written the Constitution?
Ko Kyaw Thet: As for me, The constitution should be written by the Delegations who are truly elected by the people to represent the people wish and desire. Any person or any Organisation or any establishment cannot write the Constitution by themselves to satisfy their own desire and benefit.
Since the constitution have to reflect the people desire and people life, we will never accept any constitution which is written to look after the benefit of the certain group or certain organisation or certain Establishment.
The Constitution MUST be written by the delegations who are truly elected by the people to reflect their desire, their wishes and their life.

Ko Sithu: Recently I heard that there are some movement of creating the Federal Government and writing of Federal Constitution outside of Burma. Do you think it is the right time to do that or it is necessary?
Ko Kyaw Thet: As my OWN personal point of view, the Federal Constitution written outside of Burma is to be considered as DRAFT. One day, when the Constitution which is real and truly reflect the people desire and wishes are written then this Federal Constitution will be submitted as a DRAFT Constitution to be study and considered.

Ko Si Thu: Thank you.
Ko Kyaw Thet: Thank you very much too

I translated the interview as best as possible to the original conversation with my best intention.... Bay Dah

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