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Thursday, November 29, 2007

List of Political Prisoners at Insein Prison (Page 2)

The scan photos(4 photos) of the list of political prisoners at Insein Prison(Hand written in Burmese language) was posted in this blog: on 27 November 2007.
(The list is not verified yet ..but looks Authentic) (click on the photo to see the original burmese hand written notes)

Block 1, Upper Floor.

  1. Pye Phyo Hlaing(2nd yr Pathein University); 7 St., 24 Quarter, Bokalay Town

  2. Thiha Thatzin; 12 St. Bokalay Town

  3. *Phyo Maung Maung Oo(Final yr Pathein University); Bo Tayza St., Bokalay Town

  4. Ye Myat Hein(17 yrs old 1st yr); Baw Di Nyaung Pin St., Phaw Kan, Insein, YGN

  5. Kyaw Kyaw Naing (NLD member), Ngwe Taung Monastery North, Pakokku Town

  6. Than Naing(NLD member), Ohn Daw Ward, Taungtwingyi Town

  7. *Aung Thaik Soe; 30 St., Thanmani Ward, Peanwekone Town

  8. *Aye Min Min; EC Dept Head, Ward 9, Insein, YGN

  9. * Ye Win; B.Eng, Bootayone St., Ward 9, Insein, YGN

  10. Saw Myo Hlaing; Overseas Telecommunication Station, 8 mile, YGN

  11. U AykeThaRira(Aye Maung); Maggin Monastery, Thingankyun, YGN

  12. Zin Lin Aung(2nd yr); Ywathar Gyi, Yarzya Darit St., East Dagon Toenship, YGN

  13. *Nay Aung; Malisu 2nd St, Station Ward, Taikkyi Town

  14. *Myo Thant(Khun Naw Thar); Thirimyaing 3rd St., Ward 13, Hlaing township, YGN

  15. Luu Tin Win; Kyauk Ye Twin, Pha Yar Kone, Thanhlin Town

  16. Mya Than Taik (Gunshot wound at Buttock, got shot infront of YGH) NLD Member, Thingankyun Township, YGN

  17. U Kyin Hlaing; NLD member, Daw Pone Township, YGN

  18. U Aung Myint; NLD member, Thar Kay Ta Township, YGN

  19. U Ngwe Soe; NLD Member, Thar Kay Ta Township, YGN

  20. * U Zar nay Ya; Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery

  21. *U Ma hti La; Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery

  22. *U Wi Tha La; Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery

  23. *U Aike Tha ri Ya (Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery)

  24. *U Pyin Nyar Dipa; Thar Tha Na Thaik Pan Monastery

  25. *U Pyin Nyar Thiha, Thar Tha Na Thaik Pan Monastery

  26. *U Nara Piti; Thar Tha Na Thaik Pan Monastery

  27. *U Sana Wara; Thar Tha Na Thaik Pan Monastery

  28. Khun Maung Hla(Muslim) Thin Kan Kyun Township, YGN

  29. *Myo Khaing

  30. *Ko Latt

  31. *Tin Win(Muslim)

  32. Thein Aye

  33. Soe Shwe (NLD member); Bahan Township, YGN

(N.B. * indicates these prisoners are unable to contact with their family members yet.)

New arrival to Block 1 Ground Floor. (on 18 November,2007)

  1. Tun Tun Oo (NLD member); Payut Village, Htan Ta Bin Town

  2. Maung Maung Latt (NLD member); Sar Ma Lauk Village; Nyaung Tone Town

  3. Aung Kyaw Moe (NLD Member); Mandalay St., Ward 14, Hlaing Township. YGN

(Page 3 and Page 4 to be continued as soon as possible.)

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